CORI Invitational Huge Success

O-zone pulled out its robot for one final game of Ultimate Ascent at the CORI Connect a Million Minds Invitational, a summer FRC competition in Dublin with the actual arena, alliances, pits, and action.

VictoryPlaying Field

O3 won the Frisbee Range Contest and finished 3rd place after making it to the semi-finals!The day started out with a series of practice runs. Because we used these as a chance to allow reluctant others to try driving the ‘bot, they were rather chaotic but also helpful. This invitational helps us practice for Regionals next year, meet other teams, and get inspiration.

Qualification rounds went along well. We participated in a total of four matches whose purpose is to rank individual teams. From that list, the top 8 teams get to pick two other teams of their choice to form an alliance. That alliance sticks together and competes through to the finals.

O3 was picked by the top alliance! After lunch, our team joined forces with #447 and #3324. The first couple Final rounds went smoothly. But then things took a terrible turn when our robot’s communications and video feed blacked out for a few moments. We believed this to be a loose contact in the radio’s power supply wiring caused by forceful collisions. We patched up the connector and were ready for the next match.

Unfortunately, things only got worse. In one match, the drivers had no control for over half the match. And then our ally, #447, began suffering from major electrical problems. They lent us their radio as a replacement, but this kind gesture didn’t solve any of our problems. We lost at the semi-finals against an alliance that boasted many climbing robots.

Although some problems arose, we still had a fantastic 3rd place finish as a rookie team!


About Tristan

Currently a senior on the FRC team. Joined in 2012 when we prepped for Ultimate Ascent. I built the original website and the current site's theme, wrote our RoboVision webcam software, started the O3 Flickr feed, and did a lot of design and fabrication. Aside from FRC, I run XC & track, play the Cello in the chamber orchestra, develop embedded electronic systems, work as a software developer, practice photography, design websites, and speak German.
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